A Place Beyond

by Test of Time

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released May 22, 2014



all rights reserved


Test of Time Boston, Massachusetts

Contact/Booking: xtestoftime@gmail.com

Test of Time is:

James Christopher - Guitar
DJ Butler - Bass
Charles Chaussinand - Guitar
Jeff Novak - Drums
Todd Pollock - Vocals

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Track Name: Perception
The poverty, the smiles
The proud and wretched
Taking for granted
So much of what I have
I complain as though I know
Without a word the room explodes

And one more time, I’m left
Picking up the pieces
Of what I thought I knew
Disregarded, left behind
We experience first hand
The fiction engrained in the news

And one more time I’m left
One more time
And one more time I’m left
With what I thought I knew
Track Name: Timeline
Started back when we were young
Not fitting in
Wanting to have fun
A group of friends that learned to say no
Drug free youth
Not knowing where we'd go

Trips out of town
Crossing state lines
Never knowing what we might find
Other kids who shared our views
Respected our scene
Our right to choose

We adapt
We grow
We change
I know
Our goals
Our lives
Our views

Year after year
We have to rearrange
Generations pass
It seems nothing stays the same
Social pressure, hard times at home
And being scared of the unknown
Straight edge for life, an idea
The seeds are sewn

Through high school
And years after that
Some stayed strong
While others fell flat
Those words in the music still rang true
Holding on to unbreakable views

Some made choices
Moved away
Silence is all that remains
Of their voices once rang true
Now vacant in a scene they once knew

Time has passed and we're still here
Outlasting a majority of our peers
Who ever knew it would get this far
Tried and true
I know that you are

Year after year
We have to rearrange
Generations pass
It seems nothing stays the same
Through the marriages and the tears
The lost friends, forgotten fears
This is my life
Something I’ve always known
Track Name: Audible
Hours spent listening
We haven’t heard a word
Our ears are open, open to the sound
But our mind’s shut tight
Just waiting in line
For our time to shine

Make our own opinions
Don’t want to hear yours
No discourse
One path, one way
My way
This is what I was told
And I’ll believe it, blindly

Then I see my faults
I see my faults again

Place our convictions aside and take a step back
Listen to those words, figure out their meaning
Maybe we’d realize we’re heading in the same direction
Instead of fighting each other, all the way

Take a step back
Take a step back
I’ll take a step back
And finally listen